Steel Dog

How Steel Dog Was Created

Local businessman & entrepreneur, Doug, and his family live on a small ranchette in Justin, TX just off the back door of the Texas Motor Speedway. As the hosts of numerous charity events and large Nascar camping gatherings at their home, the family was often faced with the daunting task of feeding upwards of 100 people in a single day!

Doug quickly discovered that while traditional pit grilling was great for cooking and smoking meats, it did not offer enough versatility for breakfast, complimentary dishes, or baking foods outdoors.

One day Doug was walking through his steel fabrication shop when he came up with the idea to take a couple of old plow discs and hinge them together to make a large cooker. There were old horse shoes lying around that he decided to weld on for handles and then used a turkey burner for the heat source. The idea was to create a bog wok that had a lid to aid in steaming the food while protecting it from the outdoor elements. After they cleaned up the unit, they filled it with onions, peppers, and seasoned fajita meat.

The experiment was a wild success and everyone at the event that day raved about how cool the thing was. That being so, the prototype Steel Dog was born, and the cooking experiments began!

Over the next few years, Doug and his friends discovered that the burner offered a great mechanism to precisely control the temperature of the unit, which made it ideal for baking outdoors too. Anytime people would come over, they’d play with the cooker and try out new ideas. They boiled water in it and cooked shrimp and fried chicken. They made huge batches of eggs and sausage for breakfast, baked a meat loaf for dinner, and baked a cake for dessert. They also made lasagna, casseroles, and baked pizza.

Doug quickly discovered the cooker could do just about anything a conventional wok or oven could do! Everyone was impressed with the uniqueness, portability, and durability of the cooker. Over time the first Steel Dog prototype always sat on the shop porch near the fire pit. Virtually anyone who came over to the ranch would inquire about the cooker and ask Doug if he could build them one for their deer lease or tail gate events.

Doug never really thought about marketing or mass producing the cooker, but the more research that was done, we soon knew there was nothing else out there like this cooker.

Eventually Doug caved to the pressure of friends and family, in late 2017 he patented his popular cooker and teamed up with longtime friends and business partners, Rome & Bill. Together the team is no on the adventure of constantly improving the cooker and introducing it to the market so other families can enjoy it as well.

About Our Cooker

The Steel Dog Oven Cooker (Iron Dog 156) offers a unique alternative to traditional direct flame cooking. Our patented closed dome shaped design allows the opportunity to bake a variety of delicious foods using convection type heating similar to your oven at home.

The cooker is housed in a portable package that is ideal for hunters, campers, tailgaters, and general outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking a different way of cooking a variety of foods generally not conducive to direct flame heating.

Portable gas grills are not built to last. By their nature they are lightweight (thin metals and hardware often cheaply manufactured) so they tend to dent, break, wear, and rust easily. Our cookers are made in the USA with the highest quality of steel and are made to last! We’ve tested the durability in many ways including driving over them with a 5 ton truck and dropping it out of a helicopter.

To our knowledge, no other company offers portable grill customization from the factory. Our unique top skins offer the customer various choices to customize their cooker to fit their lifestyles or individuality.

A Note From US

First & foremost, as Texans we appreciate quality and made in the USA products. Make no mistake. This cooker is not made of cheap foreign pot metal. This thing is 35lbs of American steel and it’s built like a Sherman Tank!

We feel like this cooker itself is a once in a lifetime purchase designed to be enjoyed for generations. We did not build this cooker to replace the traditional grill. However, we do have friends at the deer lease who exclusively use the Iron Dog 156 Cooker to burn wood and cook on an open fire.

At the end of day, what we are offering you is a portable, durable, unique cooking unit that can be used as an outdoor oven, wok, or in the case of our buddies at the lease, a mini fire pit to cook on an open flame. The Iron Dog 156 Cooker offers you a plethora of cooking options!

Mission Statement

It has always been our goal to produce a quality product that no one else has on the market. Our reputation is of the highest importance to us. We feel like due to durability and uniqueness of the product, word of mouth advertising is ultimately where we will hang our hat. We will always welcome feedback from our customer base and seek avenues of how we can provide a better product, levels of service, and transparency.